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3D Modeling and Rendering Services

3D Modeling and Rendering Services

3Dmodeling of a building or furniture enables consumers to visualize movement, space, and access, among other things. Having helped construction firms, architects, contractors, and realtors in visualizing conceptual drawings and legacy CAD data conversion, OneStop AEC (OSA) provides professional 3D modeling and rendering services to support the planning, design, and visualization of projects.  

Our team of architects and engineers is well versed in 3D modeling and interior/exterior architectural rendering for detailed industrial structures, commercial and housing projects, product rendering, masterplans, and more. We provide the best geometrical symmetry and photorealistic rendering for all projects with finely embedded technical detailing. All our 3D rendering and modeling services can be customized to suit your requirements. To learn how to get started – book a free consultation today. 

Architectural 3D Modeling and Rendering Services by OneStop AEC

Our team of engineers creates 3D CAD models using the latest 3D architectural illustration techniques. At OSA, we can help you with the visualization of technical details, including the qualitative composition, the staging lights, materials, 3D architectural models, and many other key elements. Following are our services under 3D modeling and rendering:

Architectural 3D Modeling

At OSA, we make 3D architectural models for residential and commercial buildings such as offices, towers, health care facilities, and hospitals. Our architects and designers are trained in a variety of 3D modeling software, such as 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Sketchup, and Revit. 

Exterior 3D Modeling

Our exterior 3D modeling services include the creation of realistic three-dimensional images, stressing the many exterior facets of a property. Our team of architects creates 3D renders of various commercial buildings.  

Interior and Exterior 3D Rendering

As part of our interior and exterior 3D rendering services, we use light effects, textures, proportions, and acoustics in a design. We also help in the creation of marketing brochures by delivering photorealistic 3D renderings, thereby saving the cost of site photography while ensuring architectural accuracy. 

Interior 3D Modeling

Our CAD modelers and 3D artists use 3ds Max and V-Ray to model your interiors. Our interior 3D modeling services include product property enhancement, which is achieved by adding textures, lighting, and also retouching model surface geometries. 

Virtual Reality Rendering

Our virtual reality rendering service gives you a unique virtual experience that takes your clients to their future office or home and enables you to easily showcase the completed project, even before its inception 

Furniture 3D Modeling

At OneStop AEC, wtake your drawings, sketches, or pictures of furniture designs and develop 3D furniture models with a variety of colors, textures, dimensions, and material details to be staged according to the ambiance.  

Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Rendering and Modeling to OneStop AEC

The key advantages of partnering with OSA include the following: 

Updated technologies, specialized software: Our team of engineers constantly updates themselves and are equipped with the latest technology, software, and knowledge required to deliver all that’s needed for your project. 

World-class computer processing ability: OSA is equipped with the best state of the art machines to ensure product delivery on time even when there are high-definition renderings 

Access to cloud storage:  We make sure that all your architectural 3D projects are safe and stored, and accessible from anywhere in the globe. 

Customized services  At OSA, we provide 3D modeling and rendering services that can be adjusted to meet your needs specific to region-specific standards or construction codes. 

Modeling and Photorealistic Rendering Services from the Specialists

Our specialists, with expertise in providing the best architectural modeling solutions, use the most sophisticated illustration methods to generate 3D CAD models. At OneStop AEC, we ensure our clients the accuracy of deliverables along with the clarity around turnaround time and cost involved. Contact us if you have a project that needs 3D modeling and rendering services for bulk photorealistic rendering for product and architectural visualization or animated virtual walkthroughs.