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BIM 4D Construction Simulation Services

BIM 4D Construction Simulation Services

By involving scheduling data of the project before the construction begins, 4D BIM allows teams to evaluate different possibilities, thereby helping improve risk management and project planning. As part of our construction simulation services, OneStop AEC (OSA) combines a 3D BIM model with time and schedule-related data for constructing realistic simulations. Our 4D BIM models are extremely comprehensive, clear, and build on precise data gathered from different teams, project planners, and contractors. 

OSA has a team of highly experienced engineers using sophisticated BIM software such as Autodesk Revit and Navisworks to generate 4D construction videos. Our team of experts links the project construction sequencing to the as-built BIM (Building Information Modelling) models. They simulate the construction progress, the logistic movement, and dynamic clashes in the form of visualizations and reports to help recognize potential problems and scope for improvisations.  

Construction Simulation Services from OneStop AEC

Apart from BIM modelingMEP clash detection, and BIM model auditing, our expertise in BIM 4D construction simulation can help avoid delays and overspending due to heightened project complexity. Our key services are as follows: 

BIM Phasing and Simulation

We provide 4D construction simulations that are in real-time in terms of the project phases and logistical presentations of the construction stages.  

Revit 3D CAD Conversion

Our conversion services include converting hand-drawn sketches and pdf files to BIM models and converting 3D BIM models to 4D using Revit for proficient construction scheduling.  

Sequencing and Construction Scheduling

Our sequencing and construction scheduling service will enable you to handle workflows and employ lean scheduling.  

Construction Simulation

We also deliver technical simulation of the entire project layers by merging 3D BIM models with project schedules through different stages of construction.  

 4D Video Animation

Our qualified team of experts creates 4D video animation of your project to help your clients visualize the final structure even before the project begins.  

Clash Reports Generation and Analysis

By generating clash reports, our team of engineers can analyze and resolve them in workflow clashes in Navisworks.  

Benefits of Availing OneStop AEC’s 4D BIM Services

Our BIM 4D simulation services reveal the key path of a project, thereby allowing both the owner as well as the project participants to better comprehend the phasing schedule. A few of the benefits of availing 4D BIM services from OSA include:  

Efficient onsite safety and output for improved ROI: We ensure enhanced safety and productivity for improved ROI. 

BIM model integration to boost productivity: We help boost productivity by integrating material, human, and equipment resources planning with the BIM model to reduce waste on construction sites.  

Quick construction process: The construction process is fast due to smooth construction workflow, enhanced site-logistics management, and minimized setback in material management.  

Planning and supervision: Our accurate planning and supervision lead to minimized risks during the construction process. 
Identify and resolve conflicts: We help our clients identify space conflicts in real-time before the construction commences.  

Minimum reworks needed: Our animation videos of construction progress activity help picture the events during the construction process to ensure minimal reworks of key activities.  

Utilization of sophisticated software: At OSA, we use the latest software such asIFC and COBie for BIM data exchanges.  

Take Assistance from OneStop AEC’s 4D Construction Simulation Experts

Our 4D construction simulation models improve the partnership between clients and project teams, which in turn gives clear project milestones and enhanced construction plans. At OSA, we ensure that our clients receive specialized construction simulation services along with BIM 5D cost estimation, BIM 6D energy modeling, and project management consulting, among others.  

Our service helps architects, designers, contractors, and owners to visualize the entire construction milestone sequence and virtually evaluate the progress of construction activities before and during the lifetime of the project. Our precise phasing charts and sequencing models help communicate with project teams and allow consultants and site engineers to track resources, material, and progress of the project and also collaborate.