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BIM Model Auditing Services

BIM Model Auditing Services

BIM, especially 6D BIM, has a crucial task in facility management, and by performing the BIM model auditing, we make sure that 6D BIM is entirely functional so that it can help with facility management. At OneStop AEC (OSA), our highly experienced team of BIM consultants assists clients from across the world to deliver projects that are both accurate and efficient, thereby delivering projects that exceed your expectations.  

Our auditors will first estimate the level of detail that has been put into work in your project and measure it against the design criteria upon which you have built the model. After careful and systematic auditing, we provide you with a detailed BIM model report to help you ascertain whether it meets the industry-level criteria and where your model may require improvement. 

Comprehensive BIM Auditing Services by OneStop AEC

Whether it is building code compliance, inspecting the project designs, validating folder structure, or naming conventions, we make sure that all the details in BIM models are absolutely precise and consistent. Our BIM model auditing services include the following: 

Visual Model Validation

Since visual testing is the oldest and the simplest technique of validation, OSA offers visual model validation and conformance of the concept plan plus the as-built BIM model.  

BIM Model Clash Audit

Navisworks carries out a clash detection process on the prepared 3D BIM model to provide a deeper insight. The reported clashes allow us to visit that particular location and review the situation from an all-discipline perspective. This helps us to record any design changes that may be needed.  

Nomenclature and Standardization Audit

Audit standardization is the set of rules of conduct by which audit activities should put up, and that includes audit laws, guidelines, standards, and manuals, among others. Standardization audit is a crucial link to strengthening auditing management and also a key measure for internal auditing. 

Benefits of Availing Our BIM Model Auditing Services

BIM model auditing help business owners in more than one way. Facility owners stand to struggle during operation and manage their properties with an incorrect model. Listed below are the benefits of availing BIM model auditing services from OSA: 

All-inclusive BIM auditing: The BIM model that we audit is of BIM Level of Development (LOD) 200-500, and that includes fabrication model, construction design, schedules, and MEP clashes, among others.  

24/7 customer service: You will receive our support round the clock since we have contact centers spread across the world that caters to client needs, anytime and anywhere.   

Compliance with global BIM model standards: Our team of qualified auditors provides a detailed audit of your Revit models to make sure that there is adherence to global BIM standards. 

Strict observance to quality delivery: OSA’s team of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) proposes required changes after a parametric visualization of the prepared BIM model. 

Well highlighted and comprehensible audit report: We prepare an easy-to-understand BIM report and highlight crucial areas and precise action that may be needed.  

Precise BIM Model Audit and Expert Advice from the Experts at OneStop AEC

Apart from the BIM audit, OneStop AEC’s project management consulting services also include proposals to perk up the construction designs and absorb the best practices of the industry. Our team of BIM modelers audits BIM models with the help of custom-created checklists to suit the needs and demands of the project.  

Our experienced team can easily and accurately detect defects and mistakes in the model that may be created by various teams. OSA’s BIM modeling services promise to provide consistency in design elements, thereby eliminating the need for rework. Contact us right now if you are looking towards outsourcing your BIM modeling requirements.