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Construction Design Review Services

Construction Design Review Services

Construction design review must not be treated as a deliverable but a process to ensure the construction plan and the engineering designs adhere to the required guidelines and practices. OneStop AEC (OSA) has an experienced team of project management consultants that have been working with leading construction firms across the globe and delivering professional construction design review services.  

As part of our stringent construction design review process, we carry out a comprehensive review of project designs and suggest changes so that they meet the relevant safety, operational, and construction standards. Having delivered projects in different geographies, including the US, Europe, and Australia, our consultants are aware of the region-specific construction practices that can also help in project approvals. For more information on our team and our customized engagement models, contact us. 

Construction Design Review Services from OneStop AEC

Following a detailed construction design review checklist, OSA’s team verifies the layout designs, MEP installation plans, drawings, specifications, and calculations, etc. Some of our key project design review services include: 

Review of Architectural Drawings

Our team analyzes the project requirements and the feasibility reports to prepare a checklist to infer that the architectural drawings and layout designs meet the project objectives and are completely in line with the construction standards. 

Review of Structural Plan

Our structural plan review service includes the verification of structural and geotechnical designs, assessment of the structural outlines, drawings, erection specifications, and installation plans. We also analyze the corrosion protection systems for a sustainable rebar structure. 

Verification of MEP Systems

As we are a specialized MEP service provider, we understand the projectspecific requirements to analyze the electrical systems, mechanical facilities (HVAC, air coolant, and ventilation), plumbing, and piping systems in the context of water supply as well as sewage treatment, etc. 

Review of Land Development Plans

 As a provider of land development designs, OSA is well aware of the various land development constraints and geographical challenges to run a check on the site feasibility analysis reports and construction plans to point out critical project hindrances.  

Risk Assessment and Analysis

Our project management consultants are expert risk mitigators with experience in assessing the current risks, profiling the potential project risks, suggesting the risk mitigation plan, and documenting the processes to be followed by the team to avoid critical risks from the root. 

Verification of Processes & Control Systems

 As part of our design review practices, OSA follows comprehensive checklists to ensure the construction project processes don’t have any loopholes. Also, as a due diligence check, we ensure that all the control units and automation systems are well in place. 

How OSA’s Stringent Construction Review Process Can be a Value Add

Construction design review is a professional exercise that involves both industry experience and process adherence to find out the problem areas and suggest improvements. Some of the key benefits of hiring OneStop AEC’s project management consultants are as follows: 

  • Seasoned consultants – Our construction review consultants are highly experienced in reviewing complex projects across the globe and bring in enormous value add. 
  • Custom-created checklists – We don’t follow a pre-made checklist and create a comprehensive one based on the project details and the geographical constraints. 
  • Proactive improvement suggestions – Even though our engagement wants us to deliver only the review report, we suggest detailed design improvement suggestions.  
  • Comprehensive documentation – Our construction review process, checklists, and reports come in the form of a comprehensive document that can be referred to as required. 

Professional Project Design Review to Make Your Construction Project More Profitable

OneStop AEC is an engineering back office with profound years of presence in providing Architectural, Civil, BIM, MEP, and Structural Engineering services. Our project management consulting expertise is not just based on our consulting exposure but because of our extensive operational experience in a variety of construction projects in vivid terrain conditions. By outsourcing construction design requirements to OSA, you can be left assured of validating the construction plans from the industry experts, which would ensure any unwanted project roadblocks in the future. Contact us to get started.