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Construction Dispute Resolution Services

Dispute Resolution Services

Construction claims are peculiar and most often result in ugly financial losses if not handled in time. OneStop AEC (OSA) has a team of professional construction claims mitigators providing dispute resolution services to guide construction firms in claims negotiation and settlement. Having assisted businesses in handling complex construction industry disputes, OSA has effectively assisted clients with structured negotiations and proper documentation. 

Utilizing the time-tested early intervention methods that involve process-driven claims identification, updating the parties, and multi-conditional dispute resolution approach, our consultants have many success stories to tell. For a quick consultation with one of our construction claims analysts to discuss the area of dispute and seek expert advice on how to start with, contact us today. 

Construction Claims Analysis and Dispute Resolution Assistance from OneStop AEC

OSA helps to deal with a number of construction claims as a result of change order impacts, change in procurements, sudden contract termination, schedule delays, etc. Following are some of the major dispute resolution services provided by our team: 

Claims Identification

As a believer of early claims identification led to ample options for dispute resolution, our service includes all potential claim triggers such as scope changes, payment claims, delay claims, productivity loss, construction acceleration, tort claims, etc. 

Damage Assessment

With unbiased observation and assessment of the damage to the project, we provide detailed report that includes – cause and effect of damage, direct damages, expanded/extended project cost, loss due to productivity disruption, escalation cost, etc.   

Risk Evaluation and Quantification

Evaluating the risk for both the parties and quantifying the loss or result of future activity, our consultants prepare detailed conditional reports adhering to the initial agreement between parties to suggest feasible dispute resolution methods. 

Acceleration Claims

Our consultants estimate not only the additional cost and labor facilities incurred due to the acceleration claim but also the impact on the schedule of the project, other parallel works, procurement calendar, and the reasons behind the acceleration to suggest claims mitigation ideas. 

Key Benefits of OneStop AEC’s Construction Dispute Resolution Process

Apart from our past experience in assisting construction firms in resolving complex claims, the following are some of the key benefits that every client receives when they opt for our dispute resolution services: 

Subject matter expertise – Our consultants are subject-matter experts and understand the nature of the claims as well as the course of feasible resolution process to assist you.  

Structured negotiation document – Our negotiation documents are structured and include all possible conditions to handle the claims with complete awareness. 

Comprehensive claims Report – The detailed claims identification and analysis report we prepare can help stakeholders make the right decisions to minimize the impact. 

Productivity Reports to Support the Stand – In addition to claiming mitigation suggestions, we also provide project productivity reports that, in many cases, help in solidifying the stand. 

Take the Expert Advice to Handle Construction Claims

OneStop AEC is a reliable project management consulting firm offering a wide spectrum of services such as – BIM management, contracts review, value engineering, procurement planning, along construction dispute resolution. Our seasoned consultants are tenured and have spent years in the dispute resolution panels for many leading real estates and construction firms across the globe to suggest the most suitable solutions. To learn more about our team, their area of expertise, and how we can help you in settling your construction claims smoothly, let’s get in touch. Contact us for a free initial consultation.