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Construction Value Engineering Services

Construction Value Engineering Services

Value engineering is often misunderstood by just cost reduction but actually benefits project owners in confiscating construction cost when bringing qualitative change. OneStop AEC (OSA) provides construction value engineering services to assist stakeholders in maximizing the functions at a minimum cost or effort. Having dealt with numerous commercial building projects in different geographies, our team of consultants helps architects, contractors, design teams, as well as project teams starting the planning phase.  

Understanding the project objectives and assessing the plans, our consultants evaluate the feasibility of functions and options to be most profitable at every stage of construction at the minimum investment. Starting from the suggestions on process optimization to technology implementation, OSA’s value engineering report and presentations help in hassle-free project approval.  

Value Engineering Services from OneStop AEC

Our team starts working from the planning stage through the design and construction stage to observe and check every aspect of the project to make the construction sustainable and cost-effective. Our services are as follows: 

Project Objective Report

As part of this documentation, our team documents all the key information on the project regarding – the objective, criteria, options, functional analysis, review of utility and materials, project budget, ideation criteria, and sustainable solutions, etc. 

Life Cycle Analysis Report

 After finalizing the evaluation criteria and sub-criteria, our consultants document the advantages and disadvantages of each construction stage and present the project life cycle analysis report that includes costs and processes in land acquisition to long-term development. 

Design Review Report

By conducting a virtual workshop, the team at OSA reviews the design plans, expected timelines, estimated costs, best value options, and their criteria to form a comprehensive inferential report evaluating all the project elements. 

Value Engineering Proposal

The final value engineering proposal from OSA is both in long and short visual form. The team provides a detailed report on evaluating the project and possible alternatives to maximize the profit. The proposal also contains a high-level presentation taking all the visual cues.   

Key Benefits of OneStop AEC’s Value Engineering Process

The time and efforts spent on the entire value engineering process bring in a significant amount of saving in terms of schedule delays and redesign costs. Here are a few other benefits being associated with OSA’s value engineering team:  

Project cost optimization – Our experts analyze the processes and suggest cost-effective methods to fully optimize the project. 

Life-cycle value analysis – Our life-cycle value analysis benefits project owners by bringing the balance between initial construction cost and the long-term operational budget. 

Out-of-the-box value adds – With a thorough project review and years of experience, we find out loopholes and suggest making the projects cost-effective. 

Maintenance recommendations – Our suggestions help project teams to follow standardized processes to reduce the maintenance cost. 

Value Engineering in Construction from the Specialists at OneStop AEC

As a project management consulting service provider, OneStop AEC provides a wide range of specialized services such as – contract review, BID management, procurement planning, productivity analysis, and value engineering, among others. With special attention to stakeholders’ interests and project objectives, OSA’s consultants help in building trust between project owners and clients with value-added construction. 

For more information on our prior experience in value engineering in the construction industry and discuss your requirements, contact us today.