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Architectural 3D Visualization Services

Architectural 3D Visualization Services

3D visualizations enable us to easily identify any mistakes and loopholes in a design right from its conception, thereby allowing us to fix it right away or suggest another alternative. Modification of errors before design finalization helps in minimizing post-construction expensive changes. By utilizing creativity and architectural visualization, OneStop AEC’s (OSA) team of qualified and experienced architects come up with appealing 3D modeling as well as exterior/interior renderings from 2D drawings, with little help from clients.  

OSA provides architectural 3D visualization services to help architects, designers, developers, home builders, and real estate agents in visualizing conceptual plans with 3D models. We offer not just the model view of a structure or facility but also propose changes in architectural design to fit into the surrounding space and come across as aesthetically alluring.  

OneStop AEC’s Architectural Visualization Services

The requirements of every structure will vary as each structure design is unique. Our team of experts employs unique architectural techniques catering to the client’s needs. Here are the various architectural visualization services provided by us at OSA: 

Photorealistic 3D Rendering Service

We provide 3D rendering services using realistic images to showcase the properties as well as construction drawings extracted from 3D models. Our photorealistic 3D rendering services will assist you in showcasing your property through several options like 3D floor plans, 3D interior and exterior rendering, and bird’s eye view renderings. 

Interior/Exterior 3D Visualization

We provide interior and exterior 3D visualization services of all structures to help architects and designers in presenting the construction plans in a visually appealing way. We use elevations and drafts, after which our experts add materials and textures around the model to produce a live 3D environment to build architectural 3D models.  

Furniture Virtual Staging

As part of our furniture modeling service, we provide furniture virtual staging since furniture of different sizes, shapes, and textures fitting into the exact space can help present properties better. We provide realistic physical dimensions of a property using the latest 3-dimensional rendering technology.  

Animated Virtual Reality Walkthrough

OSA specializes in offering virtual reality walkthroughs, and our 3D visualization services include animated walkthroughs of office, home, healthcare, industrial, and leisure facilities, among others. Utilizing 3D virtual reality and augmented reality technology, our virtual animators and architects can give you architecturally-accurate walkthroughs. 

Store Plan Modeling and Visualization

Our store plan modeling and visualization services help to link the store plan layout design service. Store plan visualizations help reduce the cost and time involved in visualizing store layouts during the final stage of construction, thereby assisting in e-shopping.  

Benefits of Availing 3D Visualization Services from OneStop AEC

We pay great attention to detail and accurate modeling during the 3D rendering process. Here are some of the benefits of availing 3D Visualization Services from OSA: 

Use of advanced tools: At OSA, we prioritize quality before anything else and hence provide the best visualization and 3D modeling software, such as ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, 3ds Maya, Max, and V-Ray, among others.  

Constantly updating capabilities: Irrespective of what the latest tool is, our experts will be able to train your team on it.  

Information privacy: We ensure complete information privacy at every phase of the engagement since we believe that it is our clients who possess the ownership of the plan and have the right to present it to the world. 

Efficient and speedy processing: Since the files for these kinds of visualizations are massive, and we ensure efficiency in the way they are designed and processed for speedy completion.  

Outsource Architectural 3D Visualization to OneStop AEC

With years of architectural drafting and design exposure, OneStop AEC has helped clients in building innovative structures across different geographies. We use virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality technologies to come up with powerful architectural visualizations. Making use of advanced software, technical skills, computing ability, and experience in 3D architectural visualization, OSA helps designers and project owners present and visualize innovative construction designs.  

We adhere to deadlines and ensure to create a quick turnaround time for you. Get in touch with us by getting on a call with our 3D visualization experts and telling them about your plan.