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Construction Quantity Takeoff Services

Construction Quantity Takeoff Services

Whether it a new project, add-on, or altering an existing site, construction quantity takeoff gives your clients an accurate image of the entire expenses needed for the completion of the project. These factors, in turn, assist the software in creating data points and precisely showcasing the end cost. At OneStop AEC (OSA), our experienced team of construction and engineering cost estimators provides comprehensive quantity takeoffs and pricing from a construction project’s conception phase to the final closeout. 

OSA is an expert in construction cost estimation for industrial, residential as well as civil construction projects. Being in the industry for years and having provided services like construction drawing, architectural BIM modeling, land development, and more, our team is well aware of the cost control requirement of real estate companies offering precise construction takeoff for better project planning. 

Construction Cost Estimation Services by OneStop AEC

Here at OSA, we are aware of the significance of having a precise quantity takeoff list for the success of a construction project. The various construction quantity takeoff services we provide include: 

Construction Preliminary Estimation

: The construction preliminary estimations are made at the concept stage of a construction project when the first initial design decisions are made. The intention is to come up with an introductory cost for your project. This estimation can be done before acquiring the detailed drawings.

Construction BID Estimation

Construction bid estimation is submitted to the contractors for negotiation or competitive bidding. The combination of approaches that we follow here includes quantity takeoffs, subcontractor quotations, and construction procedures. 

Claims Pricing and Valuation

Evaluation of damages linked with construction claims is a meticulous effort. Our claims consultants are qualified in the presentation, quantification, and construction damage evaluation. It doesn’t matter if you are a contractor, architect, attorney, subcontractor, or construction manager.  

Construction Engineering Estimation

We provide accurate construction engineering estimation dependingon plans, data, and specifications on the projects that have already been performed. 

Contract Cost Validation

Cost validation is needed when the expense of a construction project is questioned. Our expert team, with the help of sophisticated software, can justify those extra expenses and reduce liability. OSAuses top-notch estimating software that considers labor prices and fluctuations in material. 

Benefits of Availing Construction Budget Estimation by OneStop AEC’s Experts

AOSA, we very well understand your need to integrate your estimation with other business processes to gain maximum profitability and productivity. Here are the benefits of availing construction budget estimation services: 

Use of latest software: Our team uses sophisticated design and engineering software such as Revit, Design Suite (BDS), AutoCAD, Revit, Building Material Estimators (Win), and Navisworks.  

Advice on risk mitigation: The team of cost estimators in our company will assist their clients withthe estimation and suggestions linked to the undetected costs to plan risk mitigation. 

Efficient cost control: OSA’s team estimates thecost estimation depending on the revised construction plan to judge the cash flow and make smart pricing decisions. 

Efficient facility management: We provide the cost details of the labor, infrastructure, and materials to cater to the entire facility management issues that may come up during the project. 


Outsource Quantity Takeoff Services to OneStop AEC

Our team of dedicated estimators and engineers in the Architectural, MEP, Rebar, Precast, Steel, and Façade domain can give our clients precise quantity takeoff services. OSA possesses databases of current local, national, international, and historical construction and engineering price figures. We are hence always ready to prepare cost estimates. We verify proposed construction costs at different phases in the construction process for all projects from around the globe.  

We review your construction drawings and provide precise BIM-based cost estimates that will help in managing construction costs and avoid budget overruns. Along with BIM modelingMEP, and project management consulting, contact us for our specialized construction cost estimation services.