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Building information modeling

Role of BIM in Facility Management

Facilities management plays an essential role in maintaining, supporting, and improving the services of a facility or building. A facility manager deals with some ever-existing facility management issues such as utility maintenance challenges, infrastructure concerns, energy efficiency, cost control, and maintenance of documents and financial records.  

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Post-pandemic Construction Challenges
Architecture & Building

Post-pandemic Construction Challenges & Opportunities in the US

The emergence of the pandemic has dived the construction industry into its hardship with falling revenue and increasing project delivery challenges. Several construction projects got delayed and canceled, supply-chain disrupted, and workforce shortage and liquidity deficit encountered across the globe due to the pandemic. Global agencies estimated the construction industry to contract by 7.3 percent in Western Europe and 1.7 percent in North America in 2020.  Read more

Role of BIM in the Digitization and Transformation of the Construction
Building information modeling

Role of BIM in the Digitization and Transformation of the Construction Industry

The construction industry is adopting digitization to bring efficiency in their operations, work-process and secure new innovative solutions to handle construction challenges. Almost 7.7 percent of the construction enterprises, exercising digitization on an index of medium to high. Integration of digital technologies like BIM, robotics, machine learning is gradually rising.   

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Building information modeling

Laser Scanning – The Latest Developments for Futuristic Construction

Laser scanning technology is among the latest technological innovations shaping the construction industry. The industry has spanned its use from merely building maintenance and performance to infrastructure development, construction, operations, and renovation. For architects, adopting the laser scanning technology and Scan to BIM aids in construction planning, renovation and retrofitting, by fetching the crucial information with high-efficiency. Point cloud to BIM benefits general contractors by reducing the rework from 12 to 15 percent to 1 to 3 percent. The deployment of laser scanning technology has optimized the construction process and lifecycle in many folds. Read more


Rebar Detailing Process – Steps Toward Sustainable Steel-Concrete Structures

Rebar Detailing Process – Steps Toward Sustainable Steel-Concrete Structures 

In the AEC Industry, Rebar Detailing is less- known or ignored profession. Yet, as a process, it remains vital and significant in providing strength to the structure. Rebar detailing services brings structural integrity by providing buildings resistance to collapses. The accuracy in rebar fabrication, estimation, rebar connections, rebar detailing, and rebar placing develops a durable and sustainable structure. Read more

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3D Visualization and Architectural Illustration in Construction

The construction industry and property market are experiencing fierce competition. And to come through this strife, the industry is moving, adapting, and integrating advanced technology into the process. Architectural Visualization and illustration have given an advantage to realtors with their real-life like visuals and images. 3D Visualization brings a better project clarity to captivate investors and buyers and improve sales. Architects can design in 3D and present their design ideas to clients by giving them a virtual tour of the structure before construction.

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Topology Optimization of Structures & Value Engineering

Value Engineering in construction is a process or methodology that works to minimize cost without compromising quality and functionality. In construction, the best time to initiate value analysis is the planning and design stage for maximum financial gain. Based on the teamwork approach, the methodology leads to benefits like cost, quality, sustainability, etc.


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