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Shop Drawing Extraction Services

Shop Drawing Extraction Services

Shop Drawing Extraction helps plan and execute construction projects accurately by enabling you to coordinate drawings with different contractors as well as subcontractors. At OneStop AEC (OSA), our engineers with years of experience working for different AEC projects understand the need for comprehensive and precise IFC drawings. Our shop drawing extraction services include analysis of the 3D CAD models and segregation of drawings based on the stages and sections of construction. 

Our years of experience in working on several AEC projects have enabled us to understand the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other teams working in parallel to provide them with the right set of shop drawings as the reference. Our highly qualified BIM experts have handled several BIM models using sophisticated software such as Autodesk Revit and BIM 360 and have helped us in maneuvering BIM coordination, BIM management, and BIM modeling along with IFC and shop drawing extraction. 

Range of IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction Services from OneStop AEC

We help in extracting construction drawings of various stages for improved facility management witour IFC and shop drawing extraction service. Our services include:  

Fabrication Drawing Extraction

The qualified engineers at OSA can accurately extract drawings of prefabricated components such as elevators, structural steel, individual components, and pre-cast concrete from the clash-free BIM model as per your specifications. Our team works in close coordination with our clients and extracts the fabrication drawings depending on their requirements.  

Elevation Drawing Extraction

Our engineers have essential skills in elevation drawing extraction and specialize in structural elevation viewsto assist fabricators with details of the exact components. Our team extracts the structural elevation drawings of the much-needed project elements, which function as a guide for building and in making any alterations in design.  

MEP Shop Drawing Extraction

As part of MEP Shop Drawing Extraction services, we use top-notch BIM tools like AutoCAD Revit and FabMEP to extract detailed MEP shop drawings from a well-coordinated BIM model that is detailed to LOD 300. We guarantee enhanced fabrication and installation of all systems by recognizing potential issues in advance. 

Floor Plan Extraction

At OSA, our team of specialists extracts the floor plans to offer plan views details of different sections to demonstrate the column placement and floor layouts. Our Floor Plan extraction service enables our clients to view the specifications of inner and outer wall layout, other floor sections, coulombs, and Room Labelling. 

Benefits of partnering with OneStop AEC for Shop Drawing Extraction Services

Extracting IFC and shop drawings from OSA is highly advantageous. Here are a few of the several benefits of availing drawing extraction service from us:  

Enables functioning with updated drawings: The extraction of simplified project information from revised 3D CAD models can enable you to work efficiently on the latest construction drawings. 

Help minimize rework: Our 3D BIM model experts extract 2D drawings with ease from BIM, thereby helping you save reworks which in turn help save money and time.  

A centralized approach to improve efficiency and output: Our team separates all the sections to suit the needs of our client and extracts the various sectional drawing to just one place to improve effectiveness and output.  

Help fix mistakes: Extracting shop drawings and IFC enables us to identify clashes and omissions in the design, which in turn helps correct the mistakes before the extraction of the drawings and before the construction starts. 

Partner with OneStop AEC for All Your IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction Requirements

Our engineers make every effort to comprehend and evaluate the work scope while extracting information through the drawings. By identifying errors during the stage of extraction of the drawings, we also recommend alterations and make appropriate design changes with the client’s approval.  

At OneStop AEC, our engineering team considers the objective behind shop drawing extraction and shares the complete set of drawings required for the tasks with sufficient documentation if required. By outsourcing IFC and shop drawing extraction requirements to us, you can gain quicker and more precise results out of a challenging and time-consuming process. So, get in touch with us right away to get started!