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Drainage Design Services

Drainage Layout Design Services

Drainage layout design of stormwater storage and foul water channeling is essential for any land development project, be it residential, commercial, or industrial. OneStop AEC (OSA) is specialized in plumbing and drainage design services that include the drainage assessment of the build area based on the terrain, surrounding space, and round-the-year weather conditions. 

Our team of civil engineers and MEP experts are adept with years of experience and geographical knowledge to develop the drainage layouts, cleanouts, vents, and piping details for the project. Our team suggests the most feasible and sustainable drainage system designs based on an in-depth assessment of existing drainage infrastructure, historical data on stormwater run-off, and optimum points of outfall in the site. To have a discussion on your land development project and specific requirements on drainage layouts or plumbing architecture, contact us today. 

Drainage Design Services from OneStop AEC

In addition to our land development design services, the plumbing and drainage design team at OSA does simulation modeling and make use of advanced 3D modeling software such as AutoCAD to provide the following drainage system design services: 

Feasibility Analysis and Preliminary Design

Our team provides preliminary feasibility analysis report to plan the drainage and plumbing layouts according to the land development plan. This service includes assessment of volumes of foul water and stormwater flow and existing drainage systems, if any, to suggest appropriate drainage. 

Storm Water Storage and Drainage Design

Using meticulous water flow analysis, hydraulic simulation, and roof area estimation, our team provides the drainage designs for the roof drains, floor drains, funnel drains, floor sinks, and stormwater storage, as well as usage layout. Our designs also include the pipe sizes, thickness, and inlet/outlet details. 

Retrofit Drainage Design

Based on the preliminary assessment of the existing infrastructure or the sewage system in the surrounding, OSA’s drainage system design team provides the most feasible and cost-effective drainage design to make use of the existing systems with the option of future expansion or renovation. 

Detailed Drainage Layout Modeling

Based on our assessment and the client’s suggestion on the prosed building plan as well as the overall land development plan, our team used AutoCAD to model the entire drainage layout system. The 3D model of the drainage system can be viewed in isolation or along with the overall plan with colorcoding.  

Benefits of Hiring a Specialist Drainage Design Team that Knows It the Best

OneStop AEC follows the national land development planning policy and Urban Drainage Systems Technical Standards to deliver high-quality drainage design services. Some of the other benefits of outsourcing drainage layout design to OneStop AEC are as follows: 

  • Adherence to the prescribed standards – Design of detailed drainage layouts, long sections, and construction details to adoptable standards. 
  • Expertise in hydraulic analysis – Hydraulic analysis and simulation modeling of foul and stormwater drainage systems to the required standards. 
  • Advance infrastructure and skilled engineering team – Design of stormwater flow attenuation measures including online and off-line storage facilities, including simulation modeling using the cutting-edge software. 
  • On-demand specialized plumbing services  Modeling of flood flow routes for existing and proposed developments. 

Professional Drainage Layout Design Services from the Land Development Experts

OneStop AEC being a Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Firefighting (MEP) service provider for years, has a clear understanding of the plumbing and drainage system designs. Also, having assisted construction firms with many geospatial as well as land development projects across geographies, OSA’s engineering team is well aware of the terrain and weather-related limitations or challenges to keep in mind. Thus, our drainage designs are based on our years of experience and data analysis to provide the most feasible and accurate drainage layout design.  

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