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SketchUp Modeling Services

SketchUp Modeling Service

SketchUp modeling, one of the most sought-after technology, assists architects and engineers in bringing out their conceptual ideas to CAD form. It helps create the best possible layout by allowing easy customizations. With a team of skilled engineers, drafters, and architectsOneStop AEC (OSA) offers 3D SketchUp modeling services to precisely visualize the elevations and construction plans 

Our SketchUp modeling service helps builders, designers, and real estate companies in transforming site survey plans and concept drawings into 3D models that can be modified. At OSA, we offer several sub-modules with specialized ability to develop models and SketchUp animation, among others. Apart from transforming drawings to the SketchUp model, our experienced team of professionals also proposes design improvements in the elevations.  

3D SketchUp Modeling Services from OneStop AEC

As part of our SketchUp modeling services, we provide a variety of sub-modules that give specialized capabilities to develop animations and SketchUp models, among others. Our SketchUp modeling services include: 

SketchUp Architectural Drawing

We are pioneers in providing precise and clear 3D drafting and drawing services with the help of SketchUp. Our team has indepth knowledge in product design, architecture, prototyping, and manufacturing across different industries. We at OSA can provide you the best SketchUp architectural drawing service you require. 

SketchUp 3D Animation

Our 3D animators can give you the best SketchUp 3D Animation. At OSA, our animators help bring ideas to life through models before the finalization of a project. We enable the creation of architecturally precise 3D animation of your sectional elevations and master plans using SketchUp animation 

SketchUp to CAD Conversion

The team of designers at OSA are more than equipped to convert the design you have created in SketchUp into CAD. At OSA, we can precisely transform SketchUp into an editable CAD design format. Our team also assist in design improvisation during the SketchUp to CAD conversion 

SketchUp Modeling and Rendering

OSA, using the exquisite features of SketchUp software, provides you, 3D models for interior design, architectural projects, and landscaping. We have assisted numerous clients in the successful completion of various projects, including product renders, hotels, commercial and residential buildings 

SketchUp 3D Walkthrough

We can take you through architectural and interior or exterior walkthroughs to showcase our comprehensive design elements and feature from your designs or models. Our SketchUp 3D Walkthrough is perfect for regulator approval and for enticing investors.  

Benefits of Availing OneStop AEC’s SketchUp Services

OSA offers SketchUp modeling services to all construction industry verticals as well as projects of all types that include commercial, industrial, recreational and residential building structures. Here are some of the key benefits of availing OSA’s SketchUp services: 

Google Earth and Google Warehouse: In order to overlay your designs on the models and landscapes of Google Earth, OSA will apply images from it and Google Warehouse, apart from using advanced export options.  

Security of Data: Our strict data security and confidentiality policy guarantee the safety of all the ideas and designs you share with us.  

Scalability of Projects: Owing to our vast resources of skilled professionals and best world-class infrastructurecompanies can easily scale-up and down their projects based on their needs and cut-off-date.  

Strictly Follows Six-Sigma TechniqueOur team of highly skilled experts follows the six-sigma technique for all projects to provide zero-defect delivery

International Standard Compliance: Since every country has different standards, we at OSA adhere to global standards and provide services accordingly.  

Outsource SketchUp Modeling to the Specialists at OneStop AEC

At OSA, our highly qualified team works together with clients to provide them with a host of customizations that includes shapes, colors, sizes, and other tiny details before deciding upon the model. At OneStop AEC, we ensure attention is given to finer details in SketchUp modeling, such as lighting, angles, color selection, and materials, among others. Moreover, we provide sample drafts at the most competitive price 

Outsource your SketchUp modeling requirements to us for the best results at affordable rates. Contact the OneStop AEC team for a free consultation with our SketchUp specialists.