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Rebar Estimation Services

Rebar Estimation Services

Rebar or concrete reinforcing steel helps a structure hold up and also aids in increasing the strength of the concrete. Rebar estimation helps in avoiding wastage by precisely predicting the requirements of reinforcing steel bars for fabrication. The rebar estimation services provided by us at OneStop AEC (OSA) helps contractors and project owners to estimate the project. They can then lay down all the essential pointers before stakeholders for funding or bid approval.  

Our estimation service guarantees that the project runs as per the schedule and on minimum outlay with less storage space at the site location. Our team carefully calculates and provides precise quotes to our customers, which includes accessories, materials, and erection, among others. We use the newest 3D modeling tools and strictly adhere to building codes such as ACI, ASTM, AISC, BS, CRSI, IS, and RSIC.  

Steel Rebar Estimation Services from OneStop AEC

We understand the importance of producing a bar bending schedule minus any errors and one that fits perfectly into the concrete framework to prevent overspending and rework. Here are the steel rebar estimation services we offer at OSA: 

Rebar Takeoff Services

Our rebar take-off service comprises of providing the accurate weight of steel needed by measuring the slab’s width and length and sideways, wall height, spacing, and edge clearance. Our estimators first evaluate all the drawing sheets and then determine the exact quantity of material required. We ensure that no quantity is missed or counted twice during the quantity take-offs.  

Rebar Estimation Visualization

The rebar detailers at OSA provide precise drawings and estimates to help clients visualize their projects. Our visual presentation and documentation of rebar estimation summary encompass details such as diameter, rebar wire size number, and type of steel and weight. This helps provide a clearer picture of the project estimation that can be aligned to expansion or structural modification.  

Benefits of Availing OneStop AEC’s Rebar Estimation Services

The Rebar estimation team at OSA possess years of expertise in the reinforced concrete construction industry. Here are some of the benefits of availing of our Rebar Estimation Services: 

Global Standards followed: We follow global standards to provide accurate rebar estimation services. We follow AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials), ACI (American Concrete Institute), and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). We also follow CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute) and RSIO (Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario).  

Prevents wastage: The accurate rebar estimation provided by our team aids in reducing the wastage of steel, thereby preventing overhead costs that could be incurred on our client. 

Estimation details assisting fabricators and erectors: Our team of estimators helps erectors by identifying steel type, connection details, and other crucialinformation on rebar.  

Accessories and output: Our list of accessories include Bolsters, EX. Chairs and Wire mesh. We provide output in ASA estimation, Soule estimation, and MS Excel.  

Outsource Rebar Estimation Requirements to OneStop AEC

At OneStop AEC,we promise you a seamless and smooth customer experience. Our team works well on both small and large projects and with all kinds of structures. We take time to study and understand the project in its entirety and assess its requirements and challenges. Using the latest technology and software available in the market, we create cost-effective estimation and detailing solutions.  

We address the complete scope of all kinds of a project by providing precise and top-notch estimation. Our team of estimators can easily meet rigid targets and deliver projects on time. Our estimation service team comprises highly experienced checkers as well as managers. Get in touch with us today, and we will provide you with quantitative bids with accurate rebar estimates to help you stand out.