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Architectural BIM Modeling Services

Architectural BIM Modeling Services

BIM is used to create a complete 3D model, validate designs, and monitor the construction in stages. It helps create visualizations to give stakeholders an understanding of what the structure will look like before it is built. Having worked alongside reputed design firms and architects from across the world, OneStop AEC (OSA) offers to its clients a comprehensive list of architectural BIM modeling services.  

At OSA, we provide 4D BIM simulation solutions that enable architects to take charge of their projects. Our clients will be able to see all the changes taking place in real-time. Our architectural BIM services provide assistance to clients in convertingpoint cloud to BIM and interfaces with 4D simulation, Revit modeling, and landscape architecture, and virtual design and construction (VDC).  

Revit BIM Modeling Services from OneStop AEC

OSA offers a wide variety of architectural BIM modeling services, thereby providing our client the opportunity to visualize the project much before the construction work has begun. Our BIM modeling services include:  

Architectural Revit 3D Modeling

Our precise 3D models enable owners, subcontractors, architects, and general contractors to view the project layout and design before final completion. We take into consideration the customer requirement, model purpose, and the project stages while developing the model. At OSA, we have successfully handled several architectural Revit 3D modeling projects over the years.

Model Visualization and Animation

OSA assists in the comparison of design specifications during renovation, re-building, or broadening an existing infrastructure. We do so by visualizing the new construction design. We create a precise animated presentation of the plan for budgeting or stakeholder sanction owing to our in-house capabilities in 3D visualization and animation.  

Architectural Interior & Exterior Modeling

Our exterior architectural BIM modeling service includes modeling roofs, windows, doors, walls, exterior elevations, and facades. Our team can create intricate detailing and geometry on facades from 2D CAD Drawing to 3D BIM. Our interior BIM modeling service comprises furniture plans, layouts, sections, RCP detailing, and 3D floor plans material application.

Revit Family Creation Services

We create content for BIM models or BIM families. Our Revit Family Creation services include non-parametric as well as parametric families for windows, doors, and architectural façades and walls. We further offer customized and standard architectural library creation services for architects, engineers, and building product manufacturers for their product model catalogs.

Revit Drawing Extraction

OSA helps in digging out key information of the project from 3D CAD models to assist in the evaluation of project plan and design specifications for time, cost estimation, and sustainability. Our construction estimation is easy for non-core stakeholders to comprehend. It also aids them in taking the right decisions. 

Benefits of Availing OneStop AEC’s Architectural BIM Services

Our team utilizes the latest hardware and software solutions. We save you time and money as you need not hire an in-house team. Here are a few other benefits you can avail by outsourcing your architectural BIM requirements to OSA: 

Multiple format conversion: We can work with various input formats such as Gif or jpeg, AutoCAD and electronic files, scanned pictures, and hand-drawn sketches to ensure that the architectural designs appear real.  

Accuracy in quantity takeoffs, 3D modeling: We enable architects to coordinate with their team effectively for efficient completion of the project. We do that by ensuring we provide precise quantity takeoffs, clash detection, coordination, and Scan to BIM construction.  

Use of BIM 360 design technology, BIM inputs: We useBIM 360 design technology to work on projects simultaneously with teams across the world. Our team uses BIM inputs such as constructability reviews and clash detection reports for high-quality deliverables.  

Accurate deliverables and timely service at a competitive price: Our skilled team ofBIM modeling engineers ensures the delivery of accurate, high-quality deliverables on time and at a competitive and affordable price.  

Outsource BIM Modeling to the Seasoned BIM Services Provider at OneStop AEC

With architectural BIM modeling services, we enable clients to stay a notch higher than their competitors. This will help them capture the highly complex and competitive market of the construction and building industry.  

At OneStop AEC, we encourage you to outsource all your Revit modeling requirements to us, and our specialist team would help you out by every means possible. Our team will work in close coordination with you to define your requirements and provide top quality service to meet your target.