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Contract Review and Change Order Analysis

Contract Review and Change Order Analysis

A contract review is a critical management tool that thoroughly examines the legal contract before signature to make sure that all things mentioned in the document are precise and clear and the firm is content with the agreement terms. If the contract is supplied by the other party, all the documents must be reviewed by a legal expert for a better understanding of the terms and conditions laid down in the agreement. At OneStop AEC (OSA), we provide you a team of qualified attorneys for contract review to ensure that all terms and conditions will work best in the interest of all parties involved.  

Construction Contract Review and Change Order Analysis Services by OneStop AEC

Though our team of professionals at OSA does not personally visit the site, we create extensive contract review checklists, processes, validation/verification criteria and provide comprehensive reports to the project team to be able to effortlessly complete these jobs. The various contract review and change order price analysis services by OSA include: 

Contract Review Checklist

The contract review checklist is a detailed list of crucial components that must be inspected before signing a contract. It includes the least of things that need to be done before agreeing to anything. The contract review checklist includes a detailed guideline for contract submission criteria. 

Change Order Negotiation and Documentation

During a project, you might levy extra costs. Oftentimes, contractors are uncomfortable to charge for Change Orders fearing the negative effect on their business relationship. At OSA, we understand that well-negotiatedchange orders are a product of up-front preparation and documentation, and we do just that! 

Proposed Change Order Analysis

The description of the change requested is compared with that of the original contract. An analysis is made on the requested change and its effect on the project completion date. The team then performs analysis criteria to determine whether any change is required and evaluates if the cost, timeline, and other procurement elements mentioned are valid. 

Requested Change Order Validation

We provide a clear process and pointers to verify and validate the submitted change order so that the client would approve the cost to the contractors based on the change order. The change validation validates if the modifications mentioned in the work order were executed by performing something called a traffic simulation query.  

 Benefits of Availing OSA’s Change Order Analysis Services

An effective change order process will enable you to improve your relationship with your business partner. Some of the benefits of availing our change order analysis services are as follows:  

  • Flexibility and opportunity to capitalize: Our service enables business owners to be flexible so that they can respond fast, capitalize on opportunities, and minimize issues.  
  • Minimize the cost and time impact: We guarantee an effective change order process to minimize the cost and time impact of handling the issues that may come up.  
  • Enables quick revision and adaptation: Our change order process enables company owners to make fast revisions and adapt for maximizing the value of these opportunities. 
  • Enables smooth change: Through mutual consensus, the team of professionals at OSA ensures that the change order is accomplished least controversially and smoothly.  

Hire Experienced Project Management Consultants for Contract Review

Contract review services relieve business owners from the stress of doing work that goes beyond the agreed scope and outside of the expected budget for the project. OneStop AEC’s team of experienced consultants has experience in dealing with construction projects of vivid complexities.  

Adhering to a stringent and documented contract review process, we mitigate risk, explain how potential issues can be solved, and give a structure to the relationship between all parties involved before starting a project. The change order analysis enables project teams to effectively recognize the requirements for change orders and handle them as and when they take place on a project.