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Procurement Planning Services

Procurement Planning Services

Many construction firms usually encounter unforeseen project delays and increased overhead costs due to a lack of proper procurement planning. OneStop AEC (OSA) provides professional procurement planning services that help general contractors and project owners identify and select consultants, suppliers, and sub-contractors. With our carefully developed procurement management plans, we ensure avoiding inappropriate procurements and enhancing predictability.   

Our procurement planning process involves identifying and consolidating the project requirements, preparing a procurement calendar, and determining a clear milestone to be followed. Moreover, as procurement planning is a legal mandate by the Public Procurement Act, OSA helps in fulfilling the requirement with precision and transparency. To learn more about the procurement planning process followed by our team and how to get started, contact us. 

Procurement Management Plan from OneStop AEC

OneStop AEC considers a number of elements such as the project requirements around the project schedule, goods or services, stakeholder matrix, and resource as well as vendor management. Our procurement planning services are as follows: 

Project Assessment

Information collation on requirements from various project teams and collation of price as well as availability details from the respective markets. 

Preparation of the Procurement Calendar

A detailed calendar with all the procurement details such as the materials, types, specifications, brands, suppliers, and the cost. 

Schedule Lead Time for Procurement Processes

Calculating, documenting, and scheduling lead time for different procurement processes. 

Project Estimation

Total project cost estimation considering the cost associated with the materials, resources, and operations.  

Identification of Procurement Methods and Processes

Identification of alternative methods and processes to procure materials and hiring resources.  

Implementation Chart with Milestones

Preparation of a clear and detailed chart of process implementation milestones by different project teams without overlapping or operational delay. 

Key Benefits of OneStop AEC’s Procurement Planning Process

Along with services like contract review, BID management, and productivity analysis, etc., our procurement planning services help organizations in avoiding project pauses. Here are a few more notable benefits: 

  • Regulation of funds and utilization of resources – With a proper procurement calendar, it is easy for the organization to plan the resource utilization and expenses. 
  • Project transparency and predictability – Our procurement planning helps in bringing in complete transparency and predictability for contractors and project teams. 
  • Avoidance of unwanted delays – As procurement milestones are well in place, there won’t be a delay or hoarding of materials. 
  • Limits the scope of non-compliance purchase – With a detailed procurement list, there is no scope of purchasing something that is not approved or out of scope. 

Accurate Procurement Planning Services from the Experts at OneStop AEC

OneStop AEC is an engineering services provider in the AEC space offering specialized services such as BIM, MEP, architectural, structural, and civil engineering services. With OSA, you will get the opportunity to work with a team of highly experienced project management consultants. Our team has partnered with several construction firms in the US, Australia, Europe, and the Asia Pacific and helped their project teams with professional procurement management plans. Let’s get in touch to discuss your requirements.