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Steel Rebar Services

Steel Rebar Services

Rebar, also termed as reinforcing steel adds the required tensile strength to the overall concrete structure, thereby enabling specialized designs such as cantilevered structures, besides reducing construction time. At OneStop AEC (OSA), we use Rebar CAD and AutoCAD software to detail rebars precisely and also to prepare bar-bending schedules.  

As part of our comprehensive rebar services, these schedules give details of bar diameter, quantity, weight and length per bar which are essential in developing the steel-concrete structuresOur rebar specialists help project teams with many more details inckuding the overall weight of the complete bar set within the drawing to be reffered on site. Our engineers also help in the utilization of grade 250 or 250 N/mm2 high-yield steel wires to restrain or reinforce masonry concrete structures.  

Professional Rebar Services by OneStop AEC

We offer our clients various options of services to suit their requirements on rabar estimation, detailing, fabrication and placement. At OSA, we provide an all-inclusive and wide range of rebar services. Our offerings include: 

Rebar Fabrication

Our experienced engineers offer fabrication drawings and structural designs to assist in the creation of vertical and horizontal reinforced steel support. That comes in the shape or structure of stretched, twisted, double-layered rebar grids and ribbed rebars as needed. 

Rebar Detailing

In order to create accurate steel structures of essential resistance and strength, OSA’s steel detailing team offers to its clients the sizes, numbers, ties, other construction details of the joints and stirrups to loop around the steel bars.  

Rebar Estimation

Our rebar estimation service is evaluated and custom generated through advanced software by our qualified team of structural engineers, based on the scope and size of your project. Our team of professionals are able to find out the accurate quantities of steel, concrete and brickwork from layout drawings. 

Rebar Placement

Our team of engineers realize the importance of installation and placement of the steel bars. Hence, we ensure that the rebar cages, round rebars and rectangular stirrups are positioned precisely along the beams and columns, to prevent shear failure. 

Benefits of OneStop AEC’s Precise Steel Rebar Detailing and Estimation

There are various benefits of availing services from us, few of them being:  

Adhere to international structural detailing standards: At OSA, since our team is well familiarized with the international standards for structural detailing such as ASME, AISC, ACI, CRSI, SS & BS, ASTM and TEMA, we can easily adjust to any standard or system as preferred by our clients.  

Prevent delays and material wastage: We help prevent material wastage at site and avoid delays since all shape drawings are available easily and readily. Moreover, depending on the number and shapes required, the bars can be fabricated.  

Meets sustainability and aesthetic purposes: Our steel rebar detailing and placing services utilizes the correct form of steel bars (ribbed, round, square-twisted and stretched) for conservation as well as for construction, thereby catering to both aesthetic and sustainability. 

High international standards followed: The international standards we follow includes AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials), BS (British Standard), ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials) and ACI(American Concrete Institute), among others. 

Let OneStop AEC be Your Steel Rebar Services Partner

At OSA, our team of qualified engineers have several years of detailing experience and technical expertise and can hence provide you with customized steel rebar services. We offer rebar assemblies with 3D visualization services to designers, concrete and general contractors and steel detailers to create effective and effient rebar placing and prefabrication on site. 

OneStop AEC can provide customer service and engineering resources across the world for small as well as big jobs. We adhere to all international standards of coil, bar and de-coiled product specifications. Get in touch with us right away for all your rebar services.