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MEP Quantity Takeoff Services

MEP Quantity Takeoff Services

The bill of quantities (BOQ) is a document giving precise quantities of the objects of the job, thereby helping in laying out the detailed descriptions of the job and the quantities needed for completion of that job. At OneStop AEC (OSA), our team of highly experienced estimators can do accurate quantity takeoff by reviewing specifications and drawings. We use BIM models to create precise quantity lists of all the MEP system materials. 

The technique implemented in quantity takeoff projects helps minimize the cost and the time taken, thereby contributing to reduced expenditure for clients. Using a perfect blend of technology and expert involvement, we work to deliver an extremely accurate quantity take-off model, which in turn helps in completing projects within the given budget and on time.  

OneStop AEC’s Precise Bill of Quantity and Bill of Material Takeoff Services

As a BIM service provider for years, OSA’s team is well equipped and aware of the MEP system requirements. Our comprehensive BOQ and BOM services to enable accurate construction cost estimation and analysis services for MEP include: 

Professional Estimating Services

We offer precise, reasonably priced, and efficient cost estimates in the least turnaround time. Our quantity takeoffs are useful in helping general contractors in acquiring bids. Our MEP estimate services include Ductwork, fireproofing, fire stopping, heating, HVAC, moisture protection, pipe insulation, spray insulation, sprinklers, and Sheet Metal, among others.  

Review of Estimates

We provide estimate review to ensure that a top-notch and perfectly precise estimate is prepared. Utilization of a well-planned estimate review process and estimating review methods will enable you to make sure that high-quality estimates are constantly prepared, which successfully support the management’s decision-making process.   

BOQ & BOM Preparation

We generate Bill of quantity(BOQ) &Bill of material (BOM)at the initial stages of the fabrication, as it plays a crucial role in estimating the project’s cost. OSA’s mechanicalexpertise support businesses with all essential and precise BOQ’s, BOM’s and Cutting Lists at affordable rates. 

Blue Print Takeoff

Once you furnish us with your blueprints, we provide you a list of materials with their cost estimate. Thiswill strengthen and enhance your business as it enables you to complete your takeoffs precisely, streamline the process of takeoffs to save time, and improve your business. 

Cost Analysis

Our cost analysis of projects will help you assess the suitability and feasibility of a potential project. It is an evaluation of the anticipated balance of advantages and costs. Our service will help you focus on the costs of executing a program without consideration of the final result.  

Cutting List Preparation

 Our cutting list provides a precise list of the various parts that do your project. Our cutting list contains crucial aspects such as the amount of each part that you need, the materials that every part is to be made from, and the sizes of your project’s parts. 

Benefits of Our Accurate and Timely MEP Project Cost Estimation Services

At OSA, we offer the material quantity information aligned with price, and the benefits we offer include: 

Cost evaluation list:  We provide an estimated price for the project, which is required by the client for bidding. 

Material list: Our material list meant for thecontractor, vendor or supplier helps make the planning of material requirements convenient and easy.  

Breakdown and view 2D, 3D model: We provide complete quantities breakdown of various materials and also help clients view 2D and 3D building models. 

High success rate: Our service guarantees accuracy and an extremely high success rate 

Partner with OneStop AEC for All Your MEP Quantity Takeoff Requirements

Our team of engineers is skilled in material takeoffs as well as quantity surveys for both materials as well as labor. At OSA, we do takeoffs from hard copy blueprints as well as from digital plans. We calculate all material items needed to build construction projects of all sizes. 

We use sophisticated software like Planswift to enable our estimators to prepare the most precise and quick estimates for complex construction projects. Our team focuses on detail and utilizes a combination of technology and expert intervention which helps in the completion of the projects within the set budget and stipulates time frame. Along with MEP clash detection and coordination services, contact us for quick and precise MEP quantity takeoff services.