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BIM 6D Energy Analysis Modeling Services

BIM 6D Energy Modeling Services

6D building information modeling help in getting the energy estimates in the early stages of the design after evaluating the energy consumption of a building. At OneStop AEC (OSA), we offer integrated BIM 6D solutions, including sustainability analysis based on precise energy consumption.  

Our BIM experts provide energy analysis in the initial stage of construction which can help you acquire green certification such as BREEAM, GBCA, Green Globe, and LEED, among others. Our BIM services offer a novel technique to automatically create an EAM with the help of Revit building elements integrated with Autodesk Insight 360 and Autodesk Revit. Considering various energy parameters such as lighting, solar insulation, ventilation, and location, our team helps create high-quality energy models suggesting environmental performance within the structure. 

Range of BIM 6D Energy Analysis Modeling Services from OneStop AEC

We provide highly accurate and impactful BIM services to meet your architectural goals. Our energy analysis and modeling services for the most feasible energy consumption design and natural energy utilization services include:  

Sun Path and Shadow Analysis

How much sunlight and shadow will trickle into the various parts of a structure will keep changing. By evaluating the path of these aspects, our energy modeling will find novel techniques to reduce the utilization of electricity and harness daylight.

Ventilation System Analysis

The team of qualified architects at OSA offers natural ventilation system analysis to recognize any possible problem areas and enhance the performance of your building systems.  

Fire and Smoke Modeling

Our team help uses fire and smoke modeling to decide whether the occupant can exit a structure, room, or building safely in case of an emergency evacuation using the detailed computational fluid dynamics method. 

Daylight Analysis

The sunlight hugely affects the energy systems in a building. Our BIM 6D services will spot anticipated sunlight and design the building systems to reduce wasted energy opportunities.  

Building Energy Consumption Analysis

An energy analysis system is crucial as it offers details into constructing energy expenditure. At OSA, we help minimize the energy footprint and implement a comprehensive energy consumption analysis. 

LEED Tracking Services

Our LEED tracking services comprise tracking the prerequisites and credits, handling all major credit milestones to secure recertification, and providing periodic sustainability reports as requested by the client for further analysis and actions.  

Benefits of Availing BIM 6D Energy Analysis Modeling Services from OneStop AEC

Along with architectural BIM modelingBIM model auditing, construction cost estimation services, and more, OneStop AEC works together with your team to ensure our services are in alignment with that of your projects. Here are a few benefits that you can avail:  

Strict observance of suitable building codes: The modeling work that is done by OSA is in adherence with different kinds of codes such as ASHRAE, CIBSE, IES, IECC, and EPACT.  

Green building and Integrated BIM: Our6D CAD simulated models in combination with green building or integrated BIM can help minimize the general energy consumption of the model. 

Quick and precise decisions: You can expect fast and precise decisions associated with component designing and setting up sustainable items during the process of design through our 6D BIM model. 

Flexibility in File Types: Since our team are skilled in all handling all software programs, we are in a position to deliverthe BIM 6D modeling results in any file type that you need.  

Work with OneStop AEC to Deal with Your BIM 6D Energy Modeling Requirements

Our building model simulation services help project owners and facility managers to achieve sustainability goals for energy-efficient structures. We understand the difficulties posed by sustainability and also comprehend the significance of occupant comfort and safety. Hence, OneStop AEC has formed practices to provide complete support throughout the entire process.  

Our specialist team is well familiar with the US and UK regional codes and can assist our clients with green building planning for all necessary local approvals. Whether the building is for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, we provide 6D BIM solutions to customers from across the world. Get in touch with us now if you plan to outsource your BIM 6D energy analysis modeling requirements.