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3D Furniture Modeling Services

3D Furniture Modeling Services

Furniture modeling or virtual staging is a process through which OneStop AEC (OSA) virtually stages a home. We do this by visualizing furniture designs with realistic images and décor and then integrating them into an image of an empty interior. OneStop AEC (OSA), with a team of extremely qualified visualizers, models and visualize furniture from core concepts.  

Our team generates top-notch rendered models with texturing and lighting for contractors and interior designing companies. We use our knowledge in 3D furniture modeling to fulfill the requirements of manufacturers and furniture retailers, plant equipment manufacturers, and product design engineers. At OSA, we can transform difficult furniture concepts into high and low poly 3D renditions for all sectors.  

Furniture Design and Modeling Services from OneStop AEC

OSA, with access to the best in the industry software and a team of specialist CAD engineers, is able to provide you the best services in this area. Our services include: 

3D Furniture Design

Our engineers create personalized 3D furniture designs based on the requirements and specifications provided by the client. Whether it is for hospitals, residences, companies, or industries, our team of furniture design and modeling experts work with our clients to provide them with excellent 3D furniture designs.  

Revit Furniture Family Modeling

As part of our Revit furniture family modeling service, we provide customized as well as standard architectural library creation services for the product model catalogs for architects, engineers, fabricators, and product manufacturers. We use Revit for interior design or to show off architectural projects with furniture on site. 

Custom Furniture Modeling

With our custom 3D furniture modeling services, you can get us to work on any project. No matter what the shape, size, or materials, we provide customized furniture modeling solutions for home, industrial, office, and hospitals. 

3D Furniture Rendering

We offer immaculate 3D furniture rendering services to improve and boost the appearance and feel of the building interiors. Our team of professionals have a vast resource base and can easily transform the visualizations into flawless high as well as low poly models. At OSA, we create photorealistic 3D views based on your AutoCAD detailed drawings (section, elevation, etc.). 

Furniture Virtual Staging

We render realistic physical dimensions of a building or property using the latest 3-dimensional rendering technologies. You can also choose to edit the design yourself using our free editor or request a meeting with our designer to discuss your requirements.  

Benefits of Availing OneStop AEC’s Furniture Modeling and Virtual Staging Services

Our expertise and experience give us an edge over our competitors, and hence we are able to handle different types of furniture design and modeling. The key advantages of availing furniture modeling and virtual staging services from OSA include the following: 

Four-Step process and feasibility analysis: Our four-step process begins with visualization of core concepts. It then goes on to 3D modeling, followed by texturing and final rendering. Before generating the 3D models, our team at OSA will carefully analyze the concept ideas to assess the practical feasibility. This will help the client in saving considerable time and effort.  

Save on money and time: Our custom 3D furniture modeling services help you to save time and money by letting go of the traditional photographers, studio rental, and photoshoots. Besides, you have to manufacture only what is ordered by your customers, thereby saving you time and money.  

Cut down on effort for the future: Our designers will work and improve upon each iteration of your product design. Whether you are creating furniture models for homes or for large companies, our custom services will enable you to make slight changes to the existing design and create an absolutely new one.  

Offer several options to your customers: Our experienced 3D modeling experts can create 3D models with various options for your customers. The products look real and life-like, and so you can offer them as many choices as they want.  

Outsource 3D Furniture Modeling to the Furniture Designers at OneStop AEC

At OneStop AEC, we have a team that is extremely comfortable and skilled in using advanced software such as AutoCAD, 3ds Max, SketchUp, SolidWorks, Substance Painter, Mudbox, Maya, Marvelous Designer, etc.  

All you need to do is to provide us with a 2D image, a rough scribble, or sketch. We will change your imagination into reality. Contact us to discuss your furniture modeling or virtual staging requirements