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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM Services

BIM modeling is always a specialized task and requires a lot of support in the form of a team of BIM specialists and advanced infrastructure. Being involved in various stages of construction over the years, OneStop AEC (OSA) has formed an experienced team that has been providing BIM consulting services to contractors around the globe. Our BIM services are based on a dynamic process to ensure the level of detail (LOD 100, LOD 200, LOD 300, and beyond) required by the project team.

Whether it’s BIM 4D construction simulation, BIM 5D cost estimation, Revit family creation, or point cloud to BIM modeling, the entire AEC industry will be able to benefit from our BIM modeling services under one roof. To discuss your requirements and for a custom quote, contact us now.

BIM Modeling Services from OneStop AEC

From concept design and BIM modeling to renovation or modification of structures, our team of BIM engineers assists contractors and construction companies in BIM planning and implementation. Our key BIM services are as follows:

BIM MEP Services

Our BIM MEP services help in developing and detailing the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and firefighting units by allowing options to collaborate and contribute towards better feasible designs avoiding clashes.

BIM 4D Simulation

With BIM 4D construction simulation services OSA provides a complete simulation of the project with the time dimension with every single task which makes procurement and resource allocation easier.

BIM 6D Energy Modeling

The BIM 6D energy simulation modeling services from OSA include analysis and optimal utilization of natural energy sources by designing and modeling the construction plan to minimize energy wastage.

Revit Family Creation

Our Revit parametric family creation services include the creation of 3D models and objects with varied mass, dimensions, density, and materials for long-term high-value construction projects.

Shop Drawing Extraction Service

Assisting project managers, contractors, and sub-contractors, OSA extracts task-specific drawings from the Revit 3D models and also assists in collaboration and updating of the design changes across the model.

BIM Modeling

OnstStop AEC provides BIM modeling services that involve 3D modeling of the entire construction plan in Revit giving information regarding the material quantity, estimated cost, milestones, and more.

BIM 5D Cost Estimation

OSA’s BIM 5D cost estimation services help in analyzing the risks and involve the bid and tender cost estimation, cost aligned to project milestones, quantity takeoffs as well as cost forecasts linked to value engineering.

BIM Model Auditing

Our team of engineers has been working on complex BIM implementation and maintenance projects for years to assist you in auditing your BIM model and suggest constructive changes for cost and effort optimization.

Scan to BIM

Be it the renovation, modification, expansion, or demolition and re-design of a structure, OSA helps in BIM modeling of the construction plan from scan data or point cloud data with precision and detail.

Outsource BIM Modeling Services to OneStop AEC

Apart from the precision of the building information modeling, OneStop AEC’s BIM consulting services ensure that you complete the construction project hassle-free. Adhering to the geography-specific construction codes and guidelines, our team also provides project management consulting at a competitive cost. Want to know more about our pricing and engagement model? – contact us for a quick call.