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MEP Coordination Services

MEP Coordination Services

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) coordination is about detecting and then resolving clashes among disciplines such as architecture, electric, structure, mechanic, plumbing, and fire safety before the construction begins. At OneStop AEC (OSA), Our team of expert coordinators, engineers, and qualified modelers provide clash-free and coordinated 3D BIM models, which in turn leads to very few MEP design modifications.  

At OSA, we endeavor to give control to MEP consultants, contractors, fabricators, and designers so that they can create federated BIM models with sequential and continuous workflow. We generate comprehensive design models with the help of coordination guidelines, constructability analysis, and clash coordination rules at the time of the construction, thereby focusing on giving crucial information to explain the proposed project.  

Revit MEP Coordination Services by OneStop AEC

Our Revit MEP coordination services enable all concerned parties in the project to collaborate and coordinate with each other at various stages, thereby ensuring seamless flow in projects. The various Revit MEP coordination services we offer include: 

Clash Reports

At OSA, we provide a clash report dashboard that covers both soft & hard clashes. With our clash reports, our clients will understand the potential clashes and can hence improve the process of design review and coordination through more effective communication of clash results data.   

Design Change Documentation

Our specialist MEP team coordinates with mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and firefighting teams to provide them with essential design change documentation to remove clashes and implement the changes. The design change document acts as a detailed reference document. 

Revit Extracted Drawings

We provide our clients with necessary clash-free Revit extracted drawings and markups. Our clash-free Revit extracted drawings of the mechanical/electrical/plumbing system help the respective teams to implement the changes. 

Benefits of Availing Our BIM MEP Coordination Services

Our team of engineers, project managers, and estimators deliver flexible and customized solutions to suit our client’s requirements. The benefits of availing BIM MEP coordination services include: 

Multiple clash detection tests: We run multiple clash detection tests during the complete MEPFP/MEPFS coordination process. This is done to decrease soft as well as hard clashes, which ultimately results in a clash-free coordinated construction model. 

Detailed evaluations and audits: Our audits, inspections, code calculations, evaluations, and recommendations are all meant to achieve maximum life cycle costing. 

Reduces human error: Our BIM MEP coordination services lessens the possibilities of human errors, thereby helping you avoid or reduce the number of changes required during the construction process. 

Enables easy communication and prevents delays: Since the 3D model is used for viewing and walk-throughs are used for demo, review, value engineering, or QC purposes, we can help you avoid site-based delays and disputes. 

End-to-end MEP Coordination Services from the BIM MEP Specialists at OneStop AEC

Our BIM modeling services play a crucial role in the lifecycle of a project and are needed to identify the clashes between the different elements, in monitoring project costs, and in minimizing waste during the process of construction. At OSA, we have developed top-notch capabilities in MEP design as well as drafting.  

As part of our project management consulting services , OSA’s engineering team handles the entire design process throughout the project’s lifecycle, right from the design development to MEP design, clash detection, and coordination. We guarantee quick turnaround time, coupled with round-the-clock assistance and meticulous coordination of several elements of the design. If you are looking to outsource your MEP coordination services, look no further and connect with us right away.